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Lead Generation eBook

Why Your Company Needs a Lead Generation eBook

  • Increase your customer base with a powerful lead generation eBook on your website.

  • Establish your company as an expert in the industry with an SEO optimized eBook.

  • Drive conversions and capture valuable customer information with a compelling call to action.


Simply give the eBook file to your webmaster, and tell them to make it a pop-up offer on your home/landing page and have the file automatically delivered to the customer's email.


Even if you control your own website through a builder site like, WIX* or Worpress* they all have an easy option to add a pop-up/interactive lightbox usually listed as a Subscribe add-on. You can do it in a few clicks. Then have the eBook file delivered as part of your auto-response.

Lead Generation eBook Prices

eBook Details:

  • 10,000(+) word eBook

  • PDF format for easy downloading

  • SEO optimized content

  • Valuable content to prospective customers

  • Optimized for your brand

  • Your logo

  • Graphics

  • Professional layout and design

  • Call to action

  • Lifetime rights to unlimited free downloads to your customers

  • No Set-up Fees ($199 value)

  • Delivered electronically within seven days of receiving your company information and logo graphic file. Once the purchase is complete, look for an email from the marketing department of Looping Pixel outlining the specific information we require.

  • $497

Icon for eBook cover "Lead Generation eBook for Businesses."

* WIX and Worpress are registered trademarks.

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