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In this informative industry report for small and independent American businesses, Looping Pixel shares 12 effective strategies to boost your Google ranking with weekly blogging.

Simple, proven industry information that works. We use these strategies with our web development clients to up their ranking, generate back links, nurture user engagement, and increase leads.

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What you will learn in this informative industry report:


  • Gain understanding about how Google ranks websites

  • Keywords and research

  • SEO Optimization

  • SEO content on-site blogs

  • And more

Check you email for your free report!

What we do

Looping Pixel is a digital marketing and web development agency that helps small to medium business owners market their business.


We create lead generation campaigns for businesses. We also offer web development with monthly monitoring services that includes lead generation, SEO services, weekly SEO content, indexing, registering, directories, back links, monthly analytic reports, reputation management, and more.

our services

Our services all have one goal, and that is to make your business #1 in your niche, in your city. That is why Looping Pixel works exclusively with one business, per niche, in any given city. This means there is no inside competition within our agency to gain dominance in a city for multiple businesses.

For example, we will work exclusively for one roofing contractor per city with the sole objective to make them the #1 roofing contractor in their city. All our experience, efforts, and skills are laser-focused on on making that objective a reality.We never charge our clients a set-up or build fee.

our contracts

We offer simple, one-page contracts. Our initial contract, for new clients, is for a six-month period. After the first six months are completed the client automatically switches to a month-to-month contract that can be cancelled at any time. 


We here at Looping Pixel feel that if we are not providing the results your business needs, it should be easy to cancel our services.


We provide professional, traditional, friendly customer service. Looping Pixel account managers do not just shoot you a email every few months. No. They are attentive, on top of things regarding your account, always reaching out, and easy to contact by email or phone. You can talk to a person; not a computer. 

american co.

Our business is American owned and operated. We only serve small, independent American businesses that operate within the nation's borders. Our customer service has not been outsourced to countries were they often fail to understand national business practices, slang, customs, and local consumer needs and marketing analytics.

your success

Looping Pixel's goal is to help small, independent American businesses get in the game and dominate their local market. Our business is helping your business. We do all the the digital web development, monitoring, and lead generation for you, so you have the time to do what you do to serve your customers.

Check you email for your free report!

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